Recent finding suggests a Galaxy S7 Active is on the way.


A recent serendipitous finding, made by sammobile in the changelog for Samsung’s Level app for Android, suggests that there is a Galaxy S7 Active in the works.
This new device is believed to be a continuation of the Glaxay flagship tradition that sees Samsung make a third variant with “Active” attached to it. If the Galaxy S6 Active feature is anything to go by, then we should be expecting a more superior specs from the Galaxy S7 Active.


By the way, the rumour mill milled that the Galaxy S7 is dubbed “Poseidon” with SKU number SM-G891A; the purported name without doubt suggests that the S7 ACTIVE will have a higher water resistance capability than its counterparts, it will probably be able to stay immersed in liquid for a mind blowing length of time, say one day. Other expected features are three physical touchpad buttons unlike the one physical and two capacitive buttons found on the S7 and S7 Edge. Furthermore, the Galaxy ACTIVE is expected to be more rugged, have a larger battery life, probably an increased storage, RAM and camera quality. It goes without saying, that the Active will be more expensive than its colleagues, if it eventually makes it to the shelves.

This is all still at the rumour level, but there are strong indications that it might be true. It is up to you to take it with as much grain of salt as you can. What do you think about a third S7 variant? Is it too much? Or necessary?

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