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Leaked real pictures the upcoming LG G5


LG G5 leaks have being a dime a dozen lately, every new day has new leak. The leak frequency is showing no sign of slowing down even as the date of the flagships launch is barely 24 hours away.

A new leak has surfaced unlike the others that we have being seeing. This one bares all of the G5’s physical characteristics in pictures, making authenticity of the pictures almost certain but you never can tell – don’t worry tomorrow we will know for sure.

The leak was posted on Twitter by Evan Blass of VentureBeats, although it was removed almost immediately as Evan Blass was heavily criticized for his actions. Deleting the pictures of the LG G5 saved nothing as it is spreading through the tech blogosphere.

The pictures are not of the quality befitting a flagship but they suffice in providing ample details of what is to be expected tomorrow.


lg g5 rea;l piuc

As you can see, the volume buttons are mounted on the left, a bulging fingerprint sensor on the back. The power button seem illusive, perhaps the fingerprint sensor of the phone will be doubling as scanner and power button.

Ensure you visit AndroidNigeria tomorrow for a complete analysis of LG G5 luanch as well as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Source: evleaks via: androidauthority

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