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The late Galaxy Note 7 literally died from suffocation.


It is no news that Samsung’s 2016 flagship for their globally acclaimed Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Note 7 went down in blazing inferno. The phone repeatedly burst into flames, which triggered a massive recall of the over 1 million unit already sold, a subsequent replacement and a final recall and termination of production due to reoccurring combustion of the Galaxy Note 7 due to battery instability.

Galaxy Note 7
Pictured is a Galaxy Note 7 with an exploded battery

The cause of this burn up was a surprise to everyone and anyone familiar with the Samsung Galaxy brand. In case you don’t know, Samsung holds a high rating when it comes to companies that produce durable products and brands that are known for quality. However, the South Korean company’s reputation did not stop what was happening to the various Galaxy Note 7 unit owned smartphone users.

All said and done, Samsung promised to reveal the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 inferno by year end. So far, a report has been compiled and sent to Korea Testing Laboratory and UL (an American safety organization), among others.

That said, the inspiration for the headline comes from Instrumentals report which suggested that extremely tight internal margins were the reason for the exploding batteries; however, that remains to be confirmed by Samsung’s own analysis. Going by instrumentals report, Samsung’s bid to manage space and create a slim device lead to the combustion, scratch that, it caused suffocation which made the device develop combustion ability. Anyways, we expect Samsung to come back stronger and the company is wasting no time in lining up devices for 2017.

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