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How To Transfer Contacts From Blackberry To Android Phone Via Bluetooth


One of the most challenging task android newbies face is transferring contacts from their old phone to their new android phone. If you’ve once used a blackberry device , you should know that contacts are usually stored in your phone and not your sim , So transfering contacts from your Blackberry to your new android phone is not an easy task. Not only is it stressful , its also time consuming.. Today I will share a tip with you on how you can easily Transfer Contacts From Blackberry To An Android Phone VIA BLUETOOTH.

In This Tutorial , I’m Going To Transfer Contacts From My Blackberry 9650 Device (Bold 3) To My Nokia XAndroid Phone..

How To Transfer Contacts To Android Phone Via Bluetooth

Firstly , Power On The Bluetooth Of Your Android Device. You can do so by navigating to Settings>Bluetooth .

Secondly , Power On The Bluetooth On Your Blackberry Device.. Look At The Picture Below For Guide.

Next , FROM YOUR BLACKBERRY, Pair The Bluetooth Of Your Blackberry And Your Nokia X Together.. See Photo Below For Guide..

After Pairing , FROM YOUR BLACK BERRY , Go To The List
Of Paired Devices And Locate The Bluetooth Of Nokia X.. Drag Your Trackpad On It And Click On It For 5Seconds.. 6 Options Will Show , Click On “Transfer Contacts”

After Clicking On It , It will automatically send a bluetooth request to your android phone. Accept it.

Once You’ve accepted the request , your contacts will be automatically transferred to your android phone.. After That , The Next Thing To Do Is To Download The Contacts.. To Do So , Go To your received files , Locate Your Contacts And Click On ”Download”..

That’s All!!! You’ve successfully Transferred Your contacts!!…

If You need More Help Let Us Know By Leaving Your Comments..

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