Twitter make video streaming and broadcasting accessible through Twitter


Most social media platforms have in one way or another added video streaming to the list of features accessible on the platform. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and now Twitter have the live video streaming feature available directly on the platform. Technically, Twitter has had the live video streaming feature Integrated to Twitter for a while now. Although, it was only accessible through their Periscope franchise (Periscope is a company dedicated to video streaming). Before now you would have to go Periscope to see the whole video posted on Twitter by someone. Presently, Twitter has disentangled the process of streaming on Twitter. Now, you can stream directly from app and also give live broadcast through the application. Viewers can show support through the traditional means of “hearting” and “liking”, they can also comment as well. All this can be done while you are streaming the video.

That said, this should be good news for those of you who found visiting Periscope for video streaming/broadcast inconvenient. However, it may not be good news for Periscope because it has lost one of its most important relevance. Twitter has technically deemphasized the use of Periscope and one cannot fail to think that Twitter is planning to fissile out Periscope like it did Vine. Perhaps, the company plans on recycling or repurposing Periscope. Whichever way, we will find out in time and dutifully give you an update. For now, we can only enjoy the engagement this new feature allows in Twitter.

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15 thoughts on “Twitter make video streaming and broadcasting accessible through Twitter”

  1. Thanks to Periscope. Now users can watch video posted on Twitter by simple clicking on the video without going through a website or another app to watch a video post by an individual via their handle.

    Now Twitter is Fun

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