Typing, editing and formatting can be done with your voice in Google Docs


Google Docs has being getting a lot of cool features, each time it gets an update and now another feature has being added to Google Docs, editing and formatting your work in Docs, this seem to be the coolest feature to be added after the voice typing capability added in a previous update .

Consequently, Google Docs users can now type, edit and format using their nothing but their voice – How cool is that? When you are writing or editing a document and you feel too tired to type, simply use the voice typing feature in Docs. “To get started, select “Voice typing” in the “Tools” menu when you’re using Docs in Chrome. what comes to mind—then start editing and formatting with commands like “copy,” “insert table,” and “highlight.”

The level of understanding this new features possess is still unknown, but it should be able to perform basic functions. To help you better understand this new feature Google has compiled a list of all the available editing commands. This command list can also be gotten through voice command, simply say ‘voice commands help’ when in the Docs.

For more info and a video tutorial on how to use this new feature visit our news

Source: GoogleDocs blog

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10 thoughts on “Typing, editing and formatting can be done with your voice in Google Docs”

  1. Google keeps on bringing innovative ideas to the table, at least typing would be voluntarily, voice command will be handy.

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