Vivo XPlay 5 worlds first 6GB RAM smartphone


Just when we thought 4GB RAM was the end of the line for these smartphone companies, a 6GB RAM phone has been announced, by no other than the infamous pace-setters ‘Vivo’. Vivo might not be a popular brand here in Africa, perhaps other continents besides Asia, but the company has been producing quality and innovative phones.

As of now, Vivo has announced that their upcoming device the Vivo XPlay5 will be running on a 6GB of RAM. Added to this massive RAM is the latest SnapDragon 820 quad-core processor – a matching processor. XPlay5 will also come with a dual edge display. Besides these specs confirmed by Vivo, the device is tipped to sport a 2K resolution, a large 6-inch screen, 16MP rear camera, 8MP front camera and a 4300mAh battery.

These device will undoubtedly mark the beginning of a new era for smartphones. It is worthy to note that this is not the first time Vivo will be releasing a device with out of the box specs as they were the first to offer a Quad HD display, which is now a common feature on flagships. Speaking of flagships, LG’s G5b and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be 2GB shy of the XPlay5, when it is eventually released.

Image teasing a curved screen
Image teasing a curved screen

The XPlay5 will be announced on March 1, which is just a week away. The device is obviously premium, hence will have in the price category of $700 – $1000 or more, not to worry March 1st will be the D-day we know more.

What do you think of a 6GB RAM is it unnecessary or needed?


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